Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Am Number Four Book Review PART TWO/ Movie Talk

You thought I was done? Oh no. I'm just getting started.

(Read my formal review on the book here.)I just recently watched the movie I Am Number Four and believe me when I say it was a gajillion times better than the book. I thought I would never say ( or in this case type) these words in my entire live. Movies are usually never better than the books! But alas this one was. After I saw the movie I re-read my review on the book and I realized I made a mistake. I said that the writing style wasn't terrible. Well, okay, the style wasn't terrible but the writing itself was. I mean, it really made no sense. You go into the book thinking that Number Four has powers already and the book definitely makes you think that. Correct me if I'm wrong but did he not say that he swam miles to shore only coming up for air twice? Dude if that's not a superpower then I don't know what is. Countless times Number Four, or John, is helpless and I think, "John USE YOUR SUPER POWERS!!" But no, he never used them because apparently he doesn't have them yet. He has to wait for his superpowers, or Legacies, to develop. Really? That seriously sucks. And why on earth was John so ignorant? Henri didn't really teach John too much and when he was with Number Six, he seemed really dumb. It also made NOOOOOOOOOOOO sense whatsoever that the charm placed on all nine of the kids broke when they were together. That did not happen in the movie and that makes me super happy. In the movie the actually say they are stronger when they are together. Yeesh guys pick one! I did not like Sarah in the book or in the movie. In the book, the author to no time WHATSOEVER building Sarah as a person. Who is she? Oh, this cheerleader turned loner who loves animals and taking pictures. She also dated the quarterback. Back up girl. I don't know you. She was a tad bit more interesting but was still sort of awkward. And did it annoy anyone else that the Mogadorian guns sounded and looked like toys? Seriously. It look liked it was made out of plastic and the puny (as in tiny weak, not as in a pun) shooting noises were just...*sigh* smh.

Yeah. I kind of am. Okay well I'm done venting for now. More vents in the future. I promise.

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