Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christianity in Young Adult Novels?

I was looking at a couple of book review blogs and I noticed that a good amount said that they would not review any books with any religious undertones. By religious I think they mean things along the lines of Jesus, God, the Bible ect.  (I actually really like these bloggers. Just because they don't accept these types of books does not make me not like them. Their reviews are pretty awesome!) But then I began to notice that there are not a lot of popular YA christian books out there. It's not that readers are not open to religion period because there are many books dealing with things like magic and spells and witches. I just feel that there is something about Christianity that people do not like writing. I read a book called The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan a couple years ago (3/5 stars). The main character is a christian. That being said, he did talk about God and Christ just as a book character who was a witch may talk about magic and dark arts. I read some reviews on the book and people felt that the main character would not shut up about church and God. Many think that if you talk about God you are trying to push your religion on them. Can't we just talk about God just to talk about God?

 I don't want this post to be too controversial; I just wanted to point something out. I do read books about magic whatnot but I have just noticed that NONE of the popular teen books have any Christianity. And if Christianity is  mentioned, it is put in a bad light. They have the hypocritical  preacher that only  has heated sermons yelling, "REPENT LEST YOU BE BURNED IN HELL FIRE!", or the judgmental christian kids who bash the gay kid at school. (That so isn't right by the way. I think you should be nice to everyone no matter their orientation. Jesus did not say to hurt those who are gay or lesbian. Just be nice to everyone people!) I just want to see a nice pastor or school kid for once!

I'm sorry if I make people mad about this post. I was just sharing my thoughts. I didn't mean to make anybody mad or push my beliefs! That was SO NOT the point of this! But comment on below for your thoughts :)

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