Monday, October 27, 2014


Sometimes I look back at my old posts and consider deleting everything. But I don't because...I don't know. There are those random posts that have hundreds of views (not including my own of course) and I get all happyish inside and think "wow I'm so popular," and then there are those posts with zero views and zero comments that make me think it might as well have never existed. I do like to see how I've improved. I sounded like such a child 3 years ago.

And I guess I was. I was 16. And that was okay at the time. It was really how my 16 year old self felt about novels specifically made for my age group and up. Also, at the time, I was reading "okay" novels.  Now I don't have the luxury of reading books that will just be "okay." I need amazing because amazing is the only thing that will persuade me to lose two hours of sleep on a school night.

So. If you know any amazings, let me know.

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